Our Promise

As part of the “new normal” businesses of all sizes are increasingly moving their operations from on-site work to telework. This enables companies to vanish the geographical limitations we used to know. To serve this purpose, Nextiva has created a network built for modern business. With world-class human talent, we’ve made it easy to run a fully engaged business with international collaboration.

We guide business owners who want to up their business recruiting game. We exist to empower businesses to enjoy teams working from anywhere on the planet.

Our core values drive our way to do business. We are confident, they will also ease your journey to building your borderless company. In Nextiva, we feel delighted to share with you our promise to your company’s growth in this new world.





We believe anyone can work from anywhere. As long as they have the willingness, and the proper tools are available to support them. There is no reason to be bound to geographical restrictions. 

We take security very seriously. Nextiva meets the highest security standards to ensure both, employers’ and candidates’ data is confidential and secured. You trust your information to us; we honor that trust by guaranteeing top-notch data handling.

To bring teams together is our passion. The greatest talent can be found in the most unusual places. The only way to find it is by exploring the world, outside of the physical and mental borders we know.

To hire the best, you must remove unconscious bias. Nextiva advocates for the idea “Diverse teams perform better”. With that in mind, we commit to giving all applicants an equal, unbiased opportunity to shine during their hiring process.

Wherever your staff may be, we bring a centralized approach and ensure a standardized hiring experience. The sense of belonging to a company is essential for employees to perform at their best. This begins during their hire process. By guaranteeing a standard experience to all your future employees, Nextiva plants the first seed to create successful digital nomads.

At the end of every hiring process, we ensure to gather feedback and provide all the takeaways for us (Nextiva and the customer) to work together in the growth opportunities from each process. This way we commit the delivering the best service possible each time