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Telecommuting is the new way to work

Create better and stronger relationships with the candidates, increase efficiency in your hiring process, and grow your business. We connect employers and employees to achieve their highest business goals. We have all the tools to take your business into the remote work demands of the market.

Your path to the future!

The few past years have been for evolution and revolution in terms of remote work and the use of technology. Companies have had to adapt to the growing demand of a drastic change of the working environment and style. We live in the technology and the information era and now, more than ever, to be bound to a fixed desk in a fixed location is ancient history. 

Who we are

Remote working is here to stay and Nextiva is your best ally to guide your business into the future!

We are here to serve companies transitioning to the “new normal”. Nextiva understands this is not an easy change if it isn’t properly planned. All you need for a successful transition is what we bring to the table! Our expertise, consulting services, and high-tech tools guarantee a smooth transition for your company. Visit our “Who we are” page and get to know us!

Our Promise

Our core values drive our way to do business. We are confident, they will also ease your journey to building your borderless company. Let us show you what our commitment to you is.


A successful transition to teleworking translates into your best opportunity to communicate, collaborate, and create from home at your team’s best capacity! You don’t need us to explain to you what the “new normal” is, but we can surely show you how to adapt to it, succeed in it, and profit from it. Let us show you how you can achieve all that.