About Us

We work hard to make sure Nextiva is a great place to be. An excellent work environment and strong leadership allow our team to deliver their best work. And when teams are happy, we’re happy. This is what we have committed since we started and is what we want to bring to your company too. Our team of experts represents the best talent out there, capable, driven, and motivated to bring the best possible results every time.


Nextiva is a company that excels in the telecommuting and recruitment industry. Serving a wide variety of the most demanding customers worldwide. Nextiva provides end-to-end employment services for the remote workforce. We are here to support companies transitioning to the “new normal”. 

We understand this transition is not an easy change. If it isn’t properly planned you won’t be able to release your business’ full potential. For this reason, we commit to serving you with all the tools and expertise you need for a successful transition into what we like to call “A better normal”.

Our Mission

To lead successful businesses into the new digital era our world has entered. There’s a new way to run businesses, hire talent, and connect people. Nextiva S.A is here to show you the way. We are the experts let us serve you!

Our Vision

To become a landmark in the telecommuting and recruitment worldwide industry.